“Whether one agrees or disagrees with the country’s current immigration policies, we all need to better understand the topic and hear the challenges, dreams, and struggles of these young people. This book is a compelling and thoughtful analysis.”―William G. Tierney, University of Southern California

“In America today a growing caste of youth is coming of age in the shadows of the law. They are Americans at heart, but alas, not in the eyes of the law. Far from paralytic or silenced, they are fully engaged in a struggle for the autonomy of the human spirit. As Americans by Heart poignantly reveals, these youth are fully engaged―with a fierce optimism and Kantian rational agency―performing for us all nothing more and nothing less than what it means to be an American. I applaud William Pérez for this urgent, important, and loving book. It is essential reading for all who worry about threats to our democratic promise.”―Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco, Dean & Professor, UCLA

“This is a very courageous text that asks us as a nation to broaden our construction of citizenship to include the rights of the undocumented in our midst through policies that simultaneously tear down barriers and build bridges to higher education institutions for them. To do so is not only in our best interest as a country, but it responds to fundamental, national―and indeed, human―values related to fairness and human dignity. Kudos to William Pérez for his cogent, stirring analysis of an otherwise vexing social problem.”―Angela Valenzuela, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

“We ARE Americans begins by placing undocumented people at the center of the story and in a much-needed historical and contemporary context. Professor Perez provides the evidence to challenge the notion that undocumented people are drain on social services and makes the argument that they have contributed, and continue to contribute, significantly to our nation’s economic and social well-being…”―Daniel Solarzano, Professor, UCLA

“Professor Perez paints a portrait of undocumented students that is as inspiring as it is tragic. We ARE Americans emphasizes the need to rethink current immigration policies to be more inclusive and welcome immigrants as equal citizens who contribute to making America great.”―Dolores Huerta, Co-founder, UFW

“The stories of the undocumented students in this book represent the talented members of society that could potentially be lost if we don’t act soon; and force us to rethink our current immigration policies to be more inclusive and welcoming.” ―Gilbert Cedillo, State Senator and author of the California Dream Act (D-Los Angeles)

“A passionate appeal for facilitating college access for undocumented students. For educators and administrators whose lives intersect with them, this book will offer many insights and clarification of both the challenges and the resilience of undocumented students.”―International Journal of Multicultural Education

“This new volume…makes an invaluable contribution at theoretical, pedagogical and practival levels to better understanding heritage language education…In spite of the enourmous challenges for heritage language maintenance, the authors leave us with a practical agenda coupled with theoretical and inspirational words as to the future of multilingualism in the U.S.”―Journal of Language Policy

“The book as a whole presents a useful overview of social, linguistic, and pedagogical issues that can influence the successful preservation of heritage languages in other contexts, such as the Canadian. Furthermore, the inclusion of studies that can be replicated in other linguistic environments and of information about language programs makes Developing Minority Language Resources attractive to both bilingualism researchers and instructors of heritage speakers, who may find in this book a source of inspiration in developing similar research projects and more effective language programs.”―The Canadian Modern Language Review

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